Wanda Maximoff Actress Wants Big Changes in the MCU, What’s it?

New things have just been revealed about the potential that could happen to Wanda Maximoff Actress in the future. The last time we got to see this character again was in the second Doctor Strange movie, and it will also be the last before we knew about his deal with the MCU until now.

Previously, Elizabeth Olsen talked about what happened to her in the future of the MCU next, but she can’t say for sure whether she’s still a part of or ending it. This character is going to have a lot of potential, as we can assume variant characters are still out there. But at the same time, we also can’t confirm that he really makes a comeback.

Potential Things About Wanda Maximoff Actress

The new Doctor Strange film exploring the Multiverse brings back Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff in an unexpected way. We can know about revolves around the concept of alternative reality there. The Multiverse of Madness finally confirms that Scarlet Witch is the main villain, and also brings in Darkhold as an essential ingredient for building a story and a story.

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Then, in the end, we can see this character is only making sacrifices to close Darkhold to all the things that are part of the dangerous building there. We saw that Wanda Maximoff was crushed by rocks and all the rubble, but that doesn’t mean she died there.

After failing to gain America Chavez’s powers and realizing what she’s done, Wanda ends up sacrificing herself at the end of the film, leaving everyone with the question: did Wanda die in Doctor Strange 2?

In several interviews through Rotten Tomatoes, he talks about it in a few parts. When asked how long he had been willing to play the Red Witch, Olsen first admitted that the character’s journey in the Multiverse of Madness ended the way it “should have ended” while also pointing out that he would need help getting “some ideas” from fans. about the next adventure.

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Olsen later reiterated that as long as there were “good stories to tell”, he would be willing to return to the MCU. The MCU veteran also shared that he likes the idea of ​​playing an older, wiser version of the character, saying he envisions himself portraying Wanda “with similar prosthetics and silver hair” in a future project.

Did Wanda Die?

Good thing when Kevin Feige, who owns many of Marvel’s live-action adaptations, confirmed about Wanda Maximoff. The president of Marvel Studios has just confirmed that Wanda Maximoff’s story isn’t over yet. At this point, we can assume that Wanda really isn’t dead.

That’s the first place where that story will continue, but there will be other places. 

One potential that could happen about his comeback someday as a character from the same universe, but with the oldest version. Based on the sequel’s ending, it’s possible that the Scarlet Witch has finally survived, with her potentially hiding after her darkest turn. However, Darkhold may have harmed him, aging him a bit.

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If Marvel Studios really adapts it, it looks like this will happen to Steve Rogers at the Endgame event. But we don’t have any major issues, for now, it all goes back to how Marvel Studios brings it back in the future. If you haven’t watched Doctor Strange’s journey in the Multiverse, you can watch it on Disney Plus now.

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