4 Ms. Marvel Easter Eggs and References You May Not Realize

For other things like Ms Marvel Easter Eggs you might need to know the explanation after you finish watching the latest MCU series that we mean. To be honest, a lot of things like comic references, other MCU movies or just easter eggs about him in the first version, namely Marvel Comics.

If you’re interested or just curious after missing it, here we can discuss it. This can happen if you haven’t watched the MCU in its entirety, and you certainly don’t know about other references that carry comic elements. Enjoy the series, and always come to Wowkia to find out about Ms. Marvel.

Remember, this content contains spoilers, it is inevitable. So make sure you have to watch it first and you can read anything about it here. But if you’re done watching it, here it is.

Ms Marvel Easter Eggs and Reference

To be sure, we can make a lot of things happen in the first episode because it’s clearly shown. But we just talked about the fast-paced Easter Egg, and you may have missed it. If we count, there are more than 30 Easter Eggs and references that we can see or notice.

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So here is stuff, you can realize about this what we mean here. In the next episode, I think there will be many more Ms Marvel Easter Eggs that will make us excited.

1. Other MCU Part References That Kamala Says

Ms Marvel Easter Eggs 2
Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan | Ms. Marvel Episode 1

In the iconic MCU logo at the opening, you can see some changes, by which we mean the addition of characters including Doctor Strange in the second film as well as Moon Knight. This also makes them have new insights for a long time and also new tastes of course.

Ms Marvel Easter Eggs
The New MCU Opening | Ms. Marvel Episode 1

In the first view of the show, we can see opening animations such as the short animated film made by actor Iman Vellani, which is also Marvel-themed. It has tons of Marvel comics and MCU Easter eggs, which we’ll cover in this section. Also for you to realize, the placards at Kamala high school are all the names of the people who worked on the original Ms. Marvel run.

Ms Marvel Easter Eggs 1
Ms Marvel Easter Eggs | Ms. Marvel Episode 1

So, is this one your favorite Ms Marvel Easter Eggs? Or you haven’t realized it yet. For complete information about the name we mean, here it is. G. Willow Wilson is a writer and co-creator of Ms. Marvel, then Stephen Wacker as editor.

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After that, there was Adrian Alphona was the artist on the original run. In the next episode, I think there will be many more Ms Marvel Easter Eggs that will make us excited.

Jamie McKelvie is the one who designed the Kamala costume. He also did a modern Captain Marvel redesign. The names listed above are the original creative team of Ms. Marvel. What is missing is the name of the Sana Amanat editor. He’s on the EP on this show and I’m sure his name will appear in a special role in the next episode.

We recommend that you read the full details here, full instructions, and explanations for each easter egg in this series. You can find out about all the first references and imagination of Kamala Khan.

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2. Is Kamala Khan Queer?

If you look at the imagination that Kamala Khan sees in her head, it’s not that unusual. As a teenager, as commonplace as possible, imagine things you enjoy. In the next episode, I think there will be many more Ms Marvel Easter Eggs that will make us excited. What’s more at the AvengerCon event in this series, there are so many more easter eggs and hints for other things. Since there is a complicated explanation, you can see a recap here:

3. Reference Back to the Past

Ms Marvel Easter Eggs 3
Avengers: Endgame Tragic Moment Reference | Edited by

In addition to many other MCU movie references that we can watch, there are also those that show important things in the past. It’s about how the Endgames event came to be. There are beautiful but also heartbreaking moments for Natasha and Tony for their sacrifice of defeating Thanos during Avengers: Endgame. To some true fans, these are like things he deserves.

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4. Ms Marvel Power Change

In the first episode, we got a lot of stuff that we haven’t seen before in any other MCU movie. The fantasy that Kamala Khan has portrayed and shown the audience too. So many very strong elements are shown about Captain Marvel. So, is this one your favorite Ms Marvel Easter Eggs? Or you haven’t realized it yet.

Speaking of which, speaking of Kamala’s power changes, in science class there was an explosion with blue clouds that looked suspiciously like the Terrigen mist, AKA the way Kamala’s powers were activated in the comics and Inhumans were activated in Agents of SHIELD. Oh, SHIELD. Well, origins in the comics say that Kamala Khan was an Inhumans.

So many fun references in the series are presented to us, including classic Captain Marvel costumes, Marvel Zombies as Graffiti, America’s Ass, and even more about Asgard. In the next episode, I think there will be many more Ms Marvel Easter Eggs that will make us excited.

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Other Avengers References Cut in Ms. Marvel Revealed

Until the end of the credits, you can revisit one of the most memorable people who also created conflict in Spider-Man: No Way Home, namely Damage Control or what we call DODC. One of their most prominent agents, Agent Cleary, is seen in the post-credits scene of Ms. Marvel.

This one might put Kamala Khan in danger or lastly, she is arrested and interrogated by DODC, and of course, we can see again the pressure from the agents. So what do you think? Maybe you have additional easter eggs and references that you haven’t seen here.

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