4 Things You Need to Know about Ms Marvel Powers Using a Bracelet

If you have watched Ms. Marvel’s first episode, you must have seen about Ms Marvel Powers there. You can feel fine for all of that stuff, but that’s if you’re a follower of the MCU. If you’re a fan of comics, you’ll find it odd why there’s such a big difference in power. Especially about the visuals that very clearly show the difference.

Remember, this content is full of spoilers for the first episode of Ms Marvel, especially about Ms Marvel powers. Make sure you watch it before coming here. If you’re ready to read, go ahead, here it is.

Everything About Kamala Khan Bracelet

As you know, in the chain the power it possesses comes from the bracelet and has a long and complicated story. This is totally based on the source material, if you have any objections to this just skip it and read other content about Ms Marvel powers. For whoever you are, just come over to discuss it.

1. The Origin of Ms Marvel Bracelet

Ms Marvel Powers Using Kamala Khan Bracelet 1
Ms Marvel Powers Using Kamala Khan Bracelet | Marvel Studios

In the series, you can find out that the bracelet is a gift from his grandmother, but there is no further explanation for it. At least, in this first episode, maybe next time the explanation really exists, maybe. But if we go back in time in the comics, the bracelet is not man-made but belongs to an alien named Kree.

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In the past, there were deep origins about some races without mutants having different genes from ordinary humans, we mean the Inhumans, these are a powerful race with different strengths. One of them we saw before, in the second Doctor Strange movie, entitled Black Bolt.

The difference is like in the series, the origin of Kamala Khan in the comics is that she got it herself, because she was born with something very different and unique. These are important things about Ms Marvel Powers, or what we might call predictable probabilities.

One might think that changing the origin is possible now, but what if this doesn’t change completely, just changing the method. But it requires more clues which we can find in the next episode.

In the comics, Kamala Khan is a teenager with inhuman genes, those genes really set her apart from most other people. It gave him the power from birth and activated when he was hit by the Terrigen Mist. But all that can be answered if this series ends later.

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2. Ms Marvel Bangle is Not Like the Comic Version?

To be honest, some of the bracelets that are in the MCU at this time are still a mystery, including the bracelets in the Shang-Chi movie that we can predict the same as in the Eternals movie.

Also, Ms. Marvel is something of a mystery. As is known, Kamala’s powers have the same or similar elasticity as Reed Richard’s. It shows also Ms. Marvel doesn’t need the tools to use its powers. But in the series, we can see that his powers are used with the bracelet. This in itself is an important clue, indicating that Ms. Marvel is indeed cosmic.

But what if the MCU only changes the method of how he shows his powers, not who he really is. That is, Kamala Khan is truly a cosmic superhero, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is an Inhumans being. We can realize this if we look closely at how her mother responds when something seems to bother her.

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Also, you may have noticed that the bracelet came from his grandmother, and here is the answer key. Perhaps, the true story tells of her grandmother having a long story and moments with the last Kree and also revealing that she is an Inhuman being.

If you look closely, something just happened between his family and his grandmother. This is because Kamala Khan found the bracelet in a “garbage” box sent to the family by her grandmother, who still lives in Pakistan.

This is evidence that the relationship between Kamala’s grandmother and the rest of the family has clearly fractured, with her grandmother dismissed as a fantasist living in a kind of dream world. These are important things about Ms Marvel Powers, or what we might call predictable probabilities.

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3. Ms Marvel Bracelet Really Have Power?

Ms Marvel Powers Using Kamala Khan Bracelet 2
Kamala Khan and Her Bracelet | Marvel Studios

You can also read about this MCU:

As we know, the bracelet is from his grandmother’s time, which means the items look old, and it’s possible, instead of being junk, the bracelet has been in the family for generations.

You can see, that the surface is covered with weird symbols that some viewers think suggest they fit into the Inhuman script in Agents of SHIELD, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. However, there is a sun shape that is similar to the logo used by Kree in the comics.

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One thing that makes Kamala a true Inhumans is that when she wears her bracelet, she feels something strange and to us, it looks like the process of Inhuman Terrigenesis in the comics. If you look too, a strange mist flows all over her body from the bracelet, and when it reaches her head, she plunges back into another dimensional vision, where she sees many other people.

However, all of this is just fan theory and prediction, maybe the MCU really does change everything about him. But all that happened not without reason, because Mister Fantastic is coming soon, if Ms Marvel has the same power, it might look weird and make people compare her with Mister Fantastic.

4. Facts About Inhumans Powers

Ms Marvel Powers Using Kamala Khan Bracelet 3
Black Bolt (Inhumans) | Marvel Comics

For those of you who don’t know the origin of Inhuman, here it is. In the comics, the Inhumans were created as a result of Kree experiments on humans in prehistoric times. These are important things about Ms Marvel Powers, or what we might call predictable probabilities.

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Some Inhumans lived in isolated communities, while others intermarried with humans, introducing Inhuman genes into many family lines. That’s why Inhumans were only born in the modern era but lacked power until the trigger mist appeared.

And if we make a theory, Kamala Khan’s bracelet could be a Kree activator, designed to trigger superpowers in anyone who wears it. But whatever happens later, we can accept everything the MCU does, except something bad about this character, meaning to make him have weird things like America Chavez, now what I mean I think.

So, that was the discussion about Ms Marvel Powers that you should know and we can explain for now. However, the MCU could be the best way for their properties. Maybe you have a question or other, just give it to us in the column section below.

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