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Last Appearance Playing on Venom 3, Tom Hardy Gets Massive New Salary

While the second Venom film left fans disappointed, another project to bring the character back is still on the way, yes, Venom 3. One of the many rumors also says that Venom will meet Spider-Man in the third film, but if you don’t. miss it, Venom 3 will be the last film for Tom Hardy.

Both films have previously benefited Sony, so it’s no surprise that the studio has started development on a third film. Big things there are also revealed about Tom Hardy’s salary is bigger than before.

Tom Hardy’s New Big Payroll in Venom 3

Tom Hardy turned out to be paid $7 million for Venom, aka Eddie Brock in his first Sony film. However it is still unknown for the second Venom film, but it can be assumed that it is higher than his salary for the first film. And the third one also adds more money to it.

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According to Variety, Tom Hardy, the star of the upcoming Venom 3, will earn $20 million for his acting duties in the film. That’s not without reason, he got his second position there when he got the role of Eddie Brock, Tom also served as a producer on the film, as he did in Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

What’s more, he also does all the voice acting for the Venom symbiote itself, so maybe he can play this extra role for a bigger paycheck for himself.

It’s currently unknown when exactly Venom 3 will hit theaters, but it may take some time, given the film hasn’t entered mainstream photography yet. What do you think, maybe next you will get an MCU role.

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