The Seductive Secret About the Wiccan in Doctor Strange 2!

Did you know there’s a Wiccan Costumes in Doctor Strange 2 easter egg to tease us about his future fate in another MCU project? After successfully bringing the second Doctor Strange film to streaming platforms, now there’s a lot of homework for Marvel Studios.

Make sure you’ve seen the movie we’re talking about, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now available on Disney Plus, you can rewatch it over and over again for clues, details, as well as easter eggs.

You can re-experience descending into another reality whenever you want. In this film, there is a part that reveals Billy and Tommy Maximoff as Wanda’s sons. In addition, there are other clues such as the easter egg when Wanda found the sacred mountain.

About Wiccan Costumes in Doctor Strange 2

At first, together we know that Billy and Tommy are confirmed not to be in the MCU as a sacred timeline based on Loki’s series explanation. That is, if one day the two of them join the MCU universe, they are Multiverse beings.

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But it also means that both of them cannot be present and have an important role in building the MCU storyline. Based on the comics, the two children were born with some powerful meta-human abilities, possibly in part because their mother was a Crimson Witch herself. Tommy has super speed while Billy’s Wiccan has powers close to his mother’s, possessing magical abilities, astral projects, force field generators, and many more powers.

And in the building when Wanda and Wong come to find the Darkhold spell, there’s a hint as an easter egg for it. If we look closely, what kind of future picture of one of Wanda’s sons is shown to us.

Up there, there’s Jonny Moore, he’s a sculptor in the film industry, posting new photos of some of the work he did for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on his Instagram. One of the works he did was Julian Hillard’s Billy Maximoff, aka Wiccan.

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If in the film we could see a little show of the character’s clues in the building, where we can see the full details of their entire bodies. It looks similar to the one featured earlier in the Wandavision series.

This means that Wiccan has great potential for the future of the MCU. What’s more, Jullian Hilliard explained on Twitter how she wanted to return to the role of Billy. As we know, Young Avenger is an upcoming project which is being tackled for development. Hopefully, the same potential also happens to Billy Maximoff.

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