Tatiana Maslany Almost Played Another Version of Venom

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with an impressive ensemble of actors and actresses that bring heroes and villains to life on-screen. Despite the massive roster of talent, there are still other famous stars who were rejected for roles in the successful superhero franchise.

WWE Legend John Cena revealed that he was rejected for previous parts in Marvel movies before joining the DC Extended Universe, saying that it included a role as Cable in Deadpool 2. Meanwhile, Justice League actor Joe Manganiello shared that he passed on a role in an unknown Marvel film, revealing that he wants to keep his options open down the line.

Tatiana Maslany Almost Played She-Venom

Speaking as a guest on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast with Scott Aukerman, She-Hulk lead star Tatiana Maslany revealed that she almost played another Marvel character prior to her MCU role.

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When Aukerman told Maslany that Marvel had been trying to get her, the actress admitted that she was the one who was trying to get them, pointing out that the studio rejected her “multiple times.”

When pressed for answers, Maslany revealed that the role she wanted was She-Venom in Tom Hardy’s Venom movie from Sony. In 2018’s Venom, Michelle Williams played the role of Anne Weying, a.k.a. She-Venom.

Aukerman asked Maslany if there are other Marvel roles that she applied for, but the actress noted that she is “quite happy” with portraying She-Hulk on screen. It seems that fate worked in Tatiana Maslany’s favor since that rejection redirected her to play the MCU’s She-Hulk instead.

Maslany’s upcoming MCU debut as Jennifer Walters, better known as She-Hulk, allows the actress to use her talent in more ways than one, considering that the Disney+ series has comedic elements combined with action-adventure aspects. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law debuts on Thursday, August 18 on Disney+.

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