Warner Bros. Confirms Why Batgirl Got Cancelled

Warner Bros. blew up the internet when it made a drastic move that quite literally shocked the entire industry: it canceled Batgirl. The movie, which starred Leslie Grace in the leading role, was set to be an exclusive film for HBO Max which would introduce the titular member of the Bat Family to the big screen.

But now, the DC Comics adventure, directed by Ms. Marvel’s Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi, will never see the light of day. The real kicker? The movie was almost completely finished.

Why Did Warner Bros. Ax Batgirl?

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. gave its first statement about its controversial move to cancel Batgirl, which was almost entirely completed.

According to the studios themselves, the drastic decision to ax Batgirl “reflects [their] leadership’s strategic shift” and that it was “not a reflection of [Leslie Grace’s] performance.”

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This move is almost incomprehensible nothing like this has happened in recent memory. Even longtime industry professionals are completely shocked. There are so many questions and an almost unbearable amount of uncertainty for fans and professionals alive.

Even worse is that with this potentially being used as a tax write-down, the world will never release it. The studio won’t be able to just throw it onto HBO Max. Given its use for financial relief, it would become tax fraud if Warner Bros. were to monetize it in any way, even if only casually. Batgirl is not expected to hit theaters or HBO Max at any point in the future.

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