Based on This Clip, Will Venom Be the Villain in Thor 4?

The new assumption coming to the new MCU movies is about Venom Be a Villain in Thor 4, but we’ll have to look far for this. The main villain, at least according to all the clues in the promotional video, is Gorr the God Butcher.

On his journey to slaying many Gods, he brought his army and minions to work with as well as complete his own missions. To be clear, the troops he carries are the same race as Venom from the comics. The big challenge for the MCU is how to customize this one, while the material licenses for those things are owned by Sony.

Venom Be a Villain in Thor 4 Assumed

Based on previous MCU films, Venom only appeared and existed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but then he left again. These things are potential clues that Symbiote and Venom are also part of the MCU world, but with complicated explanations, unless Sony Pictures admits that the property is indeed part of the MCU.

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But if we look at Marvel Comics, Gorr actually has a direct connection to the popular anti-hero, and this is the main reason why diehard fans are pointing out a possible connection in the MCU. The greatest potential is based on the new clip from Thor: Love and Thunder when the creature looks similar to the recently featured Symbiote.

You can see up close and clear, that the footage actually shows a similar form made with the same material as Venom, meaning it is a Symbiote. The footage begins with Thor being taken aback by the return of Mjolnir, with a weapon exploding through one of the terrifying villains. The clip ends with Mighty Thor Jane Foster as she shows off Mjolnir’s impressive new powers to the God of Lightning.

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The black skin that is clearly visible by this creature is a clear indication that they are the same creature as Venom. In the comics, the creatures are made from Gorr’s weapon, the Necrosword, which is the sword used by the symbiote creator, Knull.

It’s still unknown about Venom’s connection to the MCU, especially for this film. But it’s clear the fact that Marvel Studios doesn’t own the rights to Venom and symbiotes, in general, is already presenting problems. It also has the potential to remake the MCU origin or title for the creature.

Fans are just making as many theories as any other MCU film, and if the symbiote origins of Necrosword are completely eliminated by the MCU, users are revealing that the next best bet for sword power is Chaos King Amatsu-Mikaboshi, who is a character that has the same black amorphous appearance. with Gorr’s accomplice.

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However, we can consider this only one of many potentials, you too. While the movie is still to come, Thor: Love and Thunder will hit theaters on July 8th, and there we can all find out the truth. Make sure you’re with a friend or someone who loves Marvel too.

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