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How to Make Arrow in Minecraft Easily

To survive more efficiently, players usually have to create arrows in Minecraft games. However, of course, when you first play the game, players are confused about how to make arrows to use.

But you don’t need to worry because Wowkia will tell you how to make arrows easily. If we were thinking about it, you could say this is the basic knowledge you need to know in this game made by Mojang.

So, that’s why you should read the explanation below carefully in order to be a more reliable Minecraft player. If you already understand what we discussed in this article, here’s how to make these arrows.

Making Arrow in Minecraft

You can make arrow without having to bother at all. You see, getting the materials to make arrows in this survival game is pretty easy. The materials you need to make your own are as follows: sticks, feathers, and flint.

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To get these ingredients, you just need to follow these directions. Cut trees to get wood, then turn them into sticks in the crafting menu. Kill chickens to get feathers (not all chickens will drop this loot). Destroy the pebble blocks to get the flint which is the core to make this arrow.

Make Arrow In Minecraft
Make Arrow in Minecraft | Minecraft Seed HQ

If you have got all the ingredients above, go to the crafting menu and then look for arrows. If you don’t have the search feature and are still using the old version of Minecraft, you need to add the ingredients like in this photo above. After you’ve done that, congratulations, you’ve managed to make an arrow in Minecraft.

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