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How to Find Camp Cod in Fortnite Season 7

In Fortnite Season 7, game developer Epic Games has released many new events and items into the game. One of the season 7 updates is to find Camp Cod in Fortnite, then farm metal in there.

After arriving at the place, the players are required to collect some metal that is in a certain location. Unfortunately, most current players don’t know where Camp Cod is because they don’t read the instructions.

However, with this article here, Wowkia will tell you where to find Camp Cod in season 7 this time. With this article, you will be helped because you know where the location of the place is.

Finding Camp Cod in Fortnite Season 7

To be able to get metal, players must first go to Camp Cod. The location itself is fairly easy to find. You just need to open the map, then go to the very bottom right corner, which looks like an isolated island. So that you can find out the place in more detail, you should see the photo below, and you can simply go there using a vehicle or whatever makes you get there quickly.

Find Camp Cod In Fortnite Season 7
Find Camp Cod in Fortnite Season 7 | Forbes

After arriving at the Camp Cod location, you can now collect metal easily. As directed by the developer, to get metal, you only need to destroy various things that contain metal with a Pickaxe. After it is destroyed, later you will get metal, according to how big the item is. If so, then you’ve managed to find Camp Cod in Fortnite Season 7 and took the metal that was there.

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