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How to Get Mod Components in Destiny 2

Getting Mod Components in the game Destiny 2 is something that players must do to make various items. The examples that are most often made using Mod Components are Weapon Mods and Armor Mods.

However, getting this resource itself is quite difficult for players who are not familiar with Destiny 2. So, usually, these players will ask for help from others, such as friends in the game.

Unfortunately, not all players have friends who have knowledge of this Destiny 2 game. So, that’s why here, Wowkia will tell you how to get one of these important resources in Destiny 2.

Get Mod Components in Destiny 2

Get Mod Components In Destiny 2
Get Mod Components in Destiny 2 | Loot and Grind

In 2021, the only way to get Mod Components is to complete the Gunsmith Bounty. You can buy this from Banshee, who is usually in the Tower. After you buy it, now prepare one of the missions from the bounty, and later you will get a Mod Components reward.

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Keep in mind, this Gunsmith bounty appears daily. This means that you will not be able to get many Mod Components in one day. But calm down, in a day, usually you can get approximately 8 Mod Components, according to the mission in the bounty.

To complete the Gunsmith bounty itself can be fairly easy, and new players will also understand how. You see, you only need to follow the directions in the mission, such as defeating enemies with certain weapons and the like. If you’ve done that, now you’ve got Mod Components in Destiny 2 easily.

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