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PUBG Becomes Steam’s Weekly Best Seller List Game

Recently, senior analyst at Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad, has shared Steam’s top weekly sales data via his official Twitter account. He revealed which games made into the top 10 of Steam’s weekly sales in the post.

From what is seen in the post below, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG, outperform the Steam sales competition. This is arguably absurd as PUBG is basically an old game, and most Steam users have already bought the game. So, you could say PUBG wouldn’t be able to claim the top position if it weren’t for its 50% discount. seller-pubg-it-takes-two-nier-may-2% 2F

PUBG and Another Winner from Steam Weekly Sales

So, without this discount, it is likely that PUBG will not be in the top 10 list either. What’s more, for CS: GO – Operation Broken Fang (DLC), it is certain that this will get the first position if PUBG does not provide a 50% discount to users. In addition, It Takes Two also made it to third place for weekly Steam sales here. In my opinion, It Takes Two can enter because this is a new game that has almost perfect scores by major media, such as Metacritic and such.

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Besides, there are several uniqueness in this weekly Steam sale, which is Valve Index VR. As you know, this is not a game, but hardware from Valve, as the owner of the Steam platform. This device itself can get fourth place because Valve Index VR has a fairly high price. So, you could say this hardware device can be included in the list because of its high price and not because many people buy it.

Valve Index Vr
Valve Index VR | Steam

So that you better understand, the Valve Index VR Kit, which is listed on Steam, has a price tag of $ 1,000. With that big of a price, of course, this device helped it get into the weekly Steam sales. Don’t worry, though, because these sales won’t break the Steam ecosystem.

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