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How to Make Minor Stamina Mead in Valheim

In Valheim, we can do many things such as crafting, building, and cooking. One of the items that many players are looking for is a potion. This time we will discuss one of the potions that are easy to make. Here’s how to make Minor Stamina Mead in Valheim.

What is Valheim Minor Stamina Mead?

It is a potion that you can find in Valheim. You can make it by fermenting the Mead base: minor stamina in the fermenter. When you consume this potion, you will restore 80 stamina points very rapidly. Upon consumption, a 2-min cooldown is applied to prevent consumption of the same and similar mead.

This potion is very useful for those of you who are doing tasks such as cutting trees, building houses and mining. Make sure you put them in the hotbar, so you don’t have to open your inventory to drink it.

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How to Make Minor Stamina Mead in Valheim

Time needed: 2 days.

Do you want to make Minor Stamina potion? If so, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Prepare Mead Base

    First, you need to prepare the required items, that’s mead base: minor stamina. You can cook it in the cauldron. Then put the item in your inventory, so the fermenter will detect it.
    How To Make Minor Healing Mead In Valheim 2

  2. Use Fermenter

    Go to your fermenter and put the mead base by pressing the [E] key.
    Fermenter Mead Valheim

  3. Waiting for Fermentation

    After you add the mead base, the fermenter will display the status posts of the item being “fermenting.” You have to wait for 2 days in-game for the potions making to finish. You can see it in the image below.
    How To Make Minor Stamina Mead In Valheim 3

  4. Take Potion

    Go back to the fermenter after 2 days. The structure will show status “Done”. Press the [E] key to take all potions. For information, you will get 6 potions at one time.
    How To Make Minor Stamina Mead In Valheim 4

Well, that’s how to make Minor Stamina Mead in Valheim. We have many other mead recipes. Don’t forget to follow and revisit Wowkia to get the latest game news and more guides.

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