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No White Loot in Apex Legends Legacy (Dev Remove It)

As we know, recently Apex Legends has launched Season 9, which has the name Legacy. In the new season, white loot will be removed from Apex Legends. I am not sure if this is specifically for Legacy only or if it will be implemented next season.

However, it wasn’t a problem for the players of this game, or even if it was profitable. Because even though the white loot is removed, the good news is that players will immediately be given white loot when playing the game. Examples include using a White Shield, Knockdown Shield, Two Cells, and Two Syringes.

Apex Legends White Loot
Apex Legends White Loot | Charlie INTEL

Directly Confirmed by the Developer

As we quote from TheGamer, This news itself was immediately confirmed by the Apex Legends game developer, Respawn Entertainment. So, don’t worry if many people say that this is just a rumor. Because basically, this itself was immediately announced by the game developer.

We are taking some steps to make sure our loot pool doesn’t get too bloated. For instance, there was a limited-time mode earlier this year called Locked And Loaded where all white loot was removed from the ground, but it had some long-term balancing problems that we’re not okay with. But we are taking steps toward that state. In Legacy, you will see everybody starts with a starter kit, so a white armor, white knockdown shield, white helmet, two cells, two syringes.

Apart from the immediate benefits of getting white loot, this step also benefits players even more. Because later, you will encounter blue loot or level 2 loot more often thanks to the elimination of white loot or level 1 loot. However, the developer did not confirm whether the opportunity to get a better loot will be in this game because the white loot has been removed.

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Even so, this is still an excellent move by Respawn Entertainment. Because previously many Apex Legends game players protested, they always got white loot everywhere, like armor and the like. So, with this level 1 loot removal, the game will definitely be more exciting.

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