Yanfei Gameplay Leaks! Attack and Elemental Skill Revealed

Yanfei Gameplay Genshin Impact

As the rumor said, 2 new characters will come to Genshin Impact in the v1.5 update. Besides Eula, Yanfei is a 4-star character that will also arrive in the update. Now, we currently got an information that Yanfei Gameplay has been revealed by leakers.

How does she look? Are you curious to know more about her? If so, come along with me in the following article so that you don’t miss the information.

Yanfei Gameplay

@nep_impact shared a tweet that contains the gameplay for the new 4-star Genshin Impact Character. Yanfei is a Catalyst user with Pyro Vision.

According to the video shown above, Yanfei Normal Attack is different from any other Catalyst user. Meanwhile, her Charged Attack is similar to Klee, but Yanfei has a farther range.

Yanfei’s Elemental Skill looks like a fiery explosion, but we don’t know its effect. There is information about her Elemental Burst. You can look at it in this article.

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Yanfei Genshin Impact Details

Yanfei is a cheerful young lady with pink hair, tall, and wearing clothes all dark-pink. She is working as a legal advisor in Liyue Harbour.

Talking about Yanfei’s constellation, C1 will reduce stamina consumption when Charged Attack. Then, her C2 will increase the Critical Rate by 20% when the enemy’s HP is below 50%. Next, her C3 increases 3 Level of Signed Edict and C4 increases 250% Shield while her C5 increases the Done Deal level by 3 levels. Lastly, her C6 raised the Scarlet Seals.

Well, that’s the Yanfei Gameplay and several revealed details. Until now, miHoYo has yet announced Genshin Impact v1.5. You cannot totally believe the rumor as I think there is a possibility that the content will change. We must wait for the official information from the publisher.

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