Hey, we’re back with more details for the new Genshin Impact character. As we know, there may be 2 new characters in the upcoming GI v1.5. Now, you can see Eula and Yanfei Elemental Burst in the video shared by the leakers.

How does it look? Let’s see the following article so that you don’t miss the information.

Eula and Yanfei Elemental Burst

We will talk about Eula first. As you can see in the video, Eula’s elemental bursts are similar to Childe and Hu Tao’s ultimate. Eula will deliver a massive slash covering a large area. After you deal a few hits, the lightly falling sword will strike with Psychical Damage.

That is, Eula is a character who relies more on Psychical Damage, and you will know how to build her. It makes Eula potential to be a DPS character like Keqing.

Meanwhile, Yanfei elemental burst will release AoE Pyro DMG around her. This skill will give Yanfei Seal Secret effect, which increases the damage from her Charged Attack.

With these details, of course, many players want to get this character. Moreover, Yanfei is a 4-star hero and a Pyro Catalyst user.

It’s Still Just a Rumor

Yanfei Gameplay Genshin Impact
Yanfei | Pixiv

Even details about Genshin Impact v1.5 are scattered around the world. We have noted that the leak has not been officially announced. Some time ago, Leaker’s Twitter accounts were blocked because he shares too many details. Up to now, miHoYo has indeed looks stricter than before.

We have provided some details regarding these 2 characters in the previous article. If you are looking for more information, don’t forget to follow and revisit Wowkia.