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Hypostatic Symphony Day 3, Pure Geo Hypostases

We continue to the Stone Heart Sonata. In Hypostatic Symphony Day 3, we are facing the Pure Geo Hypostases. As expected, this is the most annoying one yet. Like the other Pure Hypostases, the Pure Geo Hypostases also has unique properties compared to the regular one.

Before continuing to the details, I want to share my view of this event. I previously said that I’m curious about the other Elemental Hypostases that we haven’t seen before, like Pyro, Cryo, etc. However, now, I think we won’t see one. Why? Because these first three challenge has ‘I’ on it (Violet Lightning Concerto I, Stone Heart Sonata I).

It might mean that we will get another Electro, Anemo, and Geo Pure Hypostases on part II (day 4, 5, and 6), but with additional challenges or difficulties. I don’t know about the seventh day, and this is just my guess, though. Okay, enough with that, let’s go to the Pure Geo Hypostases details.

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Pure Geo Hypostases

Defeating Geo Hypostases on solo always takes more time due to its Basalt Columns. You have to destroy these Basalt Columns first with claymore or Geo skills to expose its core. To defeat it in the shortest possible time, you have to play chars with good burst damage or simply play on Co-op mode.

Pure Geo Hypostases’ difference to the regular one is that this one is a bit nerfed on its mobility and endurance but has stronger attacks. This Pure Geo Hypostases’ Basalt Column will continuously shoot rock needles on you. It also does the shockwave attack more frequently.

So what is the nerf? Well, this one won’t respawn a Basalt Column once it got destroyed. Once destroyed, the Basalt Column will generate Geo Shards for you. It also doesn’t move from one column to the other while attacking like the regular one.

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Pure Geo Hypostases' Gilded Tide
Pure Geo Hypostases’ Gilded Tide

Instead, this Pure Geo Hypostases has a new attack called Gilded Tide when it lost all its Basalt Column. This Gilded Tide is a continuous Geo shockwave attack. To stop this attack, you must destroy the Stone Beams in the domain’s perimeter.

I guess you should defeat the Pure Geo Hypostases before it reaches this state. Don’t forget to use the bonus chars if you happen to main one or two of them. They put my best boy, Razor, on this one. The other three are Klee, Noelle, and Bennett.

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