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Hypostatic Symphony is Live! Pure Electro Hypostases on Day 1

The new event, “Hypostatic Symphony,” is here! We are about to face Hypostases of every element each day for a week. On day 1, we’re facing Pure Electro Hypostases. I’m truly curious about some Elemental Hypostases that we have never seen, like Pyro, Cryo, Hydro, and Dendro Hypostases, though.

You also need to know that we are not facing ordinary Hypostases but Pure Hypostases. From what I experienced, these Pure Hypostases had their power enhanced. The attacks and its pattern was also more complex than the ordinary one.

If you want to go solo on this, well, you better git gud. But that’s what I like, you either git gud or play Co-op. It’s good to see that Genshin Impact is slowly emphasizing the Co-op mode. Next, I think they should fix the connection issues, especially for SEA players.

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Hypostatic Symphony Rewards
Hypostatic Symphony Rewards

Before we continue, I want to assess the event’s reward and challenge system. So, we got a total of 420 Primogems for the first clear in the event. Then, we got total score achievement rewards. You can get up to 400k Mora, 12 Talent Material, 32 Mystic Ore, and Hero’s WIt.

This event implements a high score system. Your total score is the sum of your score for each challenge. You need a total of 20k score to get all the event’s rewards. So, there are 7 challenges. You need to average about a 3k score for each challenge. Then, there’s me averaging 800 a challenge.

To get a higher score, you must challenge higher difficulty and add the additional challenge. The additional challenges or variation determines your score, and the difficulty acts as the score multiplier.

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Pure Electro Hypostases Variation
Pure Electro Hypostases Variation

Pure Electro Hypostases

Okay, back to the Pure Electro Hypostases. Defeating one requires some work, especially in harder difficulties. The attacks are not much different from the regular ones, but it’s powered up and longer. I recommend you to burst him down as his core is exposed.

The bonus character for the first Challenge is Ganyu, Xiangling, Diluc, and Chongyun. I don’t have one, or yet in good shape for a boss fight, sad. Congrats to you who mains any of them because using the bonus chars gives you a significant advantage.

Again, if you wanna go for all the rewards, I strongly recommend you to do the Co-op. I don’t know how strong your chars are or how many chars you have, but based on my assumption, you won’t make it to 3k if you’re doing it solo.

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