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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Loadout Perk Glitch Abilities

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare little glitch is giving players extra loadout perks for a limited time. However, players should be careful when switching loadouts. Modern Warfare fans always discuss which perks are better than others. With adjustments being made to each one throughout several patches, the meta when it comes to perks is more jumbled than ever. It makes some Modern Warfare fans need to switch perks in the middle of the game. In order to adapt to the ever-changing atmosphere.

There are so many perks in this game, and it can be challenging to know which one is right for each situation. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare allows players to change their loadouts on the spot. However, that doesn’t come without some problems. A fan noticed when switching perks, some unexpected side effects appear.

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Reddit user, Allfingersandthumbs, noticed a strange side-effect when they switched perks in the middle of the game. This problem occurred when they switched from tracker onto spotter. After running around the map for a few moments, they noticed that they not only able to spot enemy equipment. They realized that they could also see the enemy’s footprints scattered across the map. This glitch has appeared on PlayStation 4 so far, and only lasts one life. It is unknown if this glitch has newly appeared or if it has been around and not noticed. Such a subtle effect could easily get overlooked in the high-speed action of Modern Warfare gameplay.

Call Of Duty Mdoern Warfare Perk Set 1

Although this is not a game-breaking bug, it could mean a bonus for players who are skilled at surviving. Doubling up on a perk, even for one round, can increase the chances of survival and victory in Multiplayer. With three perk slots, each dramatically different in their effects, players have some options when trying to double their perk usage.

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You need to keep it in mind, triggering this Modern Warfare glitch is harder than simply changing a perk out in the middle of the game. It takes a specific amount of timing for the game to register both the old and new perks simultaneously. There is roughly a five-second window before the game locks in a loadout, but that window closes quickly locking player’s “new loadouts” for their next lives.

Minor bugs like this should always be reported to Activision as soon as they are discovered. Until then, players can take advantage of this small trick use it for small-time boosts throughout the game. Although this is not a bug that players could consistently rely on, it is enough of the boost to make the difference between living through an explosive or running out of the way in time.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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