How to Collect Fireflies from Weeping Woods in Fortnite

Players try to catch fireflies in a new Fortnite challenge, and it is simple to do if they know where to look on the battle royale map. A new week brings a new week of challenges. We’re into week 10, the final week for this season. There are seven brand new challenges for players to complete, all of which are straight forward to complete for regular Fortnite players. One of the week ten challenges requires players to collect fireflies from Weeping Woods.

This challenge of “Collect Fireflies from Weeping Woods” comes in the wake of water-themed challenges that have been in Fortnite. With the introduction of cars and the disappearance of some water, challenges have had new focuses. The vehicles will enable players to get specific areas quicker. Still, when undertaking this challenge, players have to be careful of their surroundings in case that they can avoid an early elimination. To begin with, players should aim to land close to the Weeping Woods.

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Once players land in the woods, they have to begin searching for the fireflies. Typically fireflies surround campfires, and players should investigate these areas if they are struggling to find the creatures. The fireflies are relatively large and should not be too much of a challenge to spot; once players do begin finding them, they need to collect five. Once this has been done in Fortnite, the fireflies will be contained in the aptly named Firefly Jars. However, players should be careful not to throw the jars as they will cause a fire and could lead to an accidental fatality.

How to collect fireflies in Fortnite

Fortnite New Fireflies Jar Item

To collect fireflies in Fortnite, players need to find a firefly and use your interact button to collect them. You’ll need to be close to them in order to be able to collect them. Upon collecting a firefly, you’ll see a firefly jar in your inventory, which is essentially a Molotov.

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If you’re not seeing fireflies or not sure where to find them in Weeping Woods, there’s an important tip you need to know. Fireflies will only spawn or be available to collect during the night cycle in the game. You won’t find any fireflies during the daylight. You’ll need to drop at Weeping Woods and wait until it goes dark, which can take 5 minutes or more.

There’s not any particular location where you’re sure to find Fireflies to collect in Weeping woods, but it seems like there are some spots that usually have more fireflies than others.

Fortnite is available now on mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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