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Activision Opens New Studio in Montreal for Call of Duty

Recently, Activision has announced that one of its subsidiaries will open a new studio in Montreal, Kanada. Later the studio will focus on working on the Call of Duty series, given the increasing number of players in the game.

This new studio in Montreal is for Activision’s subsidiary, Beenox. Since they’ve been working on the Call of Duty series for a long time, it’s certainly more likely that the new studio is well-directed.


In addition to working on Call of Duty, it seems that Activision is also hoping that this new studio will work on other games that are on Activision. Of course, the studio will certainly focus on the Call of Duty series. So you gamers don’t worry about the game not being taken care of. Because Activision said that the studio will focus on developing the Call of Duty franchise of the highest quality. Nor for games that exist now, or games that will come later.

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So, what do you think about this new studio focused on Call of Duty? Is Activision spending too much money, considering that the studio itself has enough, and the Call of Duty series that is active is already small?

But for the satisfaction of the players, Activision is willing to spend money, which is quite pleasant to hear. So, hopefully, with this new studio, the Call of Duty franchise will be even better. And of course, they have to avoid cheaters who are currently circulating very much. Or maybe, instead of focusing on developing anti-cheats, it’s better for them to hunt down the cheat software?

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