If you are a new player to the Arkane Studios game, namely Deathloop, you may find this game challenging to play. One of the reasons players say this is because of the Delivery Booth, a tool that is both versatile and very important in this game.

So, because many players are nervous about this Delivery Booth, that’s why Wowkia made this article here. Here, I will tell you how to find and open this tool. If you have understood our discussion this time, here is the explanation you need to know.

Find Delivery Booth Code Location in Deathloop

First, players must set the time to Noon via the main menu. Then, in the menu, the player will find Fristad Rock, and you need to go to that place. After that, the player only needs to follow the stairs to get to the exit.

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At the exit, players need to look to the right, and later there will be a short cliff, and you need to climb up. After that, pass the shipping container on the road, and now you need to follow the path leading up.

Way to Get Delivery Booth Code
Way to Get Delivery Booth Code – Wowkia

After reaching the top, where there is a building shaped like a circle, now you need to follow the path to go down. Later, you will see a location like in this photo and enter into that place.

Delivery Booth Code
Delivery Booth Code – Wowkia

When at the first bunker entrance, you need to look to the right window. After that, look at the whiteboard inside using the scope, and later there will be the code for Delivery Booth in the Deathloop game that you need.