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The Development of Cyberpunk 2077 ‘Still Far From Finish’

Last week, CD Projekt Red said that Cyberpunk 2077 will be at this year’s E3. That doesn’t really surprise us because it’s the same as the previous E3, but it is still convincing to make it sure.

It definitely rase hope (including us) that the game will come out the end of this year or the beginning of next year. But maybe it´s a little optimistic, like the new Playstation’s video said there is still a lot of work to do.

Last Year, this video shows a clip of gameplay from walkthrough for 48 minutes. It touches many different topics include why the developer choose a first-person perspective(FPP). It shows why the studio being silent in years after teasing the first Cyberpunk 2077.

Something we don´t know that the game not only set in almost 60 years after the RPG inspiring but also happens in parallel timelines.

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¨It gives freedom for the team to create a game that respect plus refer to the source material,¨ said the loud voice narrator, ¨but it also matches the transition of videogame´s media.¨

The reaction of Cyberpunk 2077 presentation of E3 almost universally positive, and bring more than 100 appreciation when they leave the event, including the big one from us.

But the video ended in a tone that heard like ¨don´t hold your breath, Cyberpunk 2077 maybe not a mystery anymore like before, but working on it still to far from over,” said the narrator before remind -maybe you´ve heard this before- that it will be released ¨when it´s ready.”

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