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Rumors Said Hercules Will be Gay in Marvel The Eternals Movie

There is a spreading rumor saying that upcoming Marvel Studios movie, The Eternals, will expose the legend Greek hero, Hercules as its main character.

Hercules is also one of the well-known super heroes, and Marvel Studios is looking for an openly gay character for this role. Of course, as this movie is still in the early stage of production, this rumor can be quite interesting and attracting a lot of attentions.

Many casting calls have been registered for The Eternals character by using name codes, so it is impossible to confirm whether this rumor is true.

However, if Hercules being a gay in this movie is confirmed, this Greek God might appear in Marvel Cinematic Universe and will compete with the popularity of Thor and Asgard.

There are several possibilities might be chosen for this character. In one of Marvel comics, Earth-12025, Hercules was in romantic relationship with Wolverine which was roled by James Howlett.

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So from this view, although Hercules are most famous as Marvel Hercules from Earth- 616 with his exploitation among females, it is highly possible that Marvel will go with the incarnation of sexuality for Earth-12025 characters.

The exact list of the casting for this upcoming movie is not yet available, but Angelina Jolie recently joined this movie and possibly will play as a Greek goddess.

As the production of The Eternals movie is going to begin, we will soon find out the latest news and character playing in this movie.

Directed by Chloé Zhao, written by Matthew and Ryan Firpo, The Eternals is expected to release in Cinema around 2020.

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