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How to Change Weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield

In Pokemon games, the weather is part of systems. That feature also appears in this game, even it has the most important role connected with Pokemon encounter in the Sword and Shield’s Wild Area.

Although the Wild Area not excellent, encounter tables of Pokemon who appear in the zone more affected by the weather. Each Pokemon has the habitat, if you want to catch various types of Pokemon, you must know different weather conditions in Wild Area.

So, let’s look at how to change the weather and what the effect of that.

How to Change The Weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword And Shield Breed 2
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In fact, you can’t control the weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield. But, there is a way to manipulate it by edit your Nintendo Switch real-world clock. For your information, the weather will change every day at midnight.

Literally, you must edit your Switch settings and changing the clock to cycling the days until you get what you want to. Date and time option in the game can you find on the System tab from Switch settings. Until now, there has been no punishment for those who do it this way.

What the side effect of changing the weather?

How To Change Weather Pokemon Sword And Shield
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Like we talk before, Pokemon with water type will tend to come out in the rain, while fire type takes the time on a sunny day. The weather has an impact on Pokemon spawns out. But, you must be careful because the weather also affects the battle.

We can see an example if the weather today is hail, all Pokemon except ice type will take damage every turn. You can also get an advantage from changing the weather when against stronger Pokemon, so don’t forget to prepare the Pokemon line-up that matches the conditions.

That’s how to change the weather in Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you need many watts, check the guidance on money farming in the game. See you in the next tips and guide.

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