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How to Farm Watts Quickly in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield have a money currency called Watts. The watts plays a vital role in the game. You can buy some items like Pokeballs and so on in the game. So, maybe you interested in how to make money or watts fast in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

You can farm the watts in many ways, so Wowkia will give you some advice to get money faster below!

How to Farm Money/Watts Fast in Pokemon Sword and Shield

1. Pokemon Battles

The first thing you can do to get watts is from Pokemon Battles. You can challenge yourself to battle with many Pokemon and you will get different rewards from that. In the early games, you can challenge random NPCs and they will give you small amounts of money when you win.

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If you need to get more money, you also can challenge the gym leaders and higher ranking NPCs. How much money you get depends on how long and harder the battle.

2. PayDay Ability

Pokemon Sword And Shield Beginners Guide Meowth
source: My Nintendo News

Each Pokemon have a different ability. Between all of them, PayDay is a Pokemon ability that is very useful if you want to farm Watts in Sword and Shield. The ability will give you a chance to get more money at the end of the battle. Like the Pokemon Sword and Shield beginners guide what we give you before, Meowth is the best choice for you who needs to make fast cash in the game.

3. Glowing Pokemon

Besides use PayDay, you also can make money faster if find glowing Pokemon. You can get additional Watts for catching or defeating that Pokemon in the wild.

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4. Red Crystals (Raid Dens)

How To Farm Watts Pokemon Sword Shield Red Crystals
source: Respawn First

You can interact with them to get some Watts, so you need to find Red Crystals in the open world. Each time you interacted with the platform, you will get 2000 Watts instantly. You need to check all Red Crystals of the maps and collect Watts. Maybe it is the fastest way for farming money in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

So, there are several ways to farm money or watts quickly in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Wowkia also has the best breeding guide for this game. So. don’t forget to comment and share!

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