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Best Breed in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Breeding is the new feature in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Even it isn’t a major part of the game, many people search for the perfect Pokemon Sword and Shield breed guide.

Not only Pokemon Sword and Shield breed, but we will also discuss general knowledge like how you can raise the strongest Pokemon. So, let’s check the guidance on this page.

What is Breed in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Pokemon Sword And Shield Breed
source: Polygon

In this game, you can hatch Pokemon eggs to get new Pokemon. You can also combine multiple eggs in order to select the strongest Pokemon. To get the strongest one, you must look base stats. Each Pokemon have different base stats which be higher compared to other species.

Afterthat, you can know individual stat which is grow higher compaed to others. Base points will gain by defeating other Pokemon. This points increase stats such as Attack and Speed.

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Perfect Breeding in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword And Shield Breed 2
source: IB Times

To produce the strongest Pokemon in the game, we suggest you finish the story first because it will difficult to breeding when doing mission.

To get mas stat when breeding, you can breed two strong Pokemon and hatch multiple eggs and selet the best stats with growth potential. Stats will increase depends how much you earn base points, so don’t forget to defeating other Pokemon in the game.

New Pokemon power not only determined by base or individual stats. The random nature also affects to her descendants. Some Pokemon was destiny to have higher growth rates than others.

The following items can be use to pass down nature:

EverstonePasses down the holder’s nature
Destiny KnotPasses down 5 of the holder’s IVs
Power WeightPasses down the holder’s HP IV
Power BracerPasses down the holder’s Attack IV
Power BeltPasses down the holder’s Defense IV
Power LensPasses down the holder’s Sp. Attack IV
Power BandPasses down the holder’s Sp. Defense IV
Power AnkletPasses down the holder’s Speed IV

So, that’s the best way to breeding in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Wowkia also has Pokemon Sword and Shield beginners guide for you who just started playing this game. If you need other guides, just comment below!

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