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Outriders Class Explained, Which One Is the Best?

Outriders is the most popular new RPG-Shooter game on Steam. The game developer, People Can Fly includes a class selection feature that makes the playing experience even more enjoyable for Outriders. The game features the unique play style of the class, and a number of skills and talents to choose from. This time, I want to help you to determine which Outriders class you should choose along with the reason and explanation.

Outriders Class

Outriders has four classes that players can choose from. When you start choosing a character in the game, you will be briefly told the class you will use.

  • Technomancer – Long range. Support. Gadgets.
  • Pyromancer – Medium range. Conjurer. Fire.
  • Trickster – Close range. Hit & run. Spacetime.
  • Devastator – Close range. Tank. Stand your ground.
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Of course, selecting the class merely from the description above is not adequate for us all. So, you can read the full explanation below:

1. Technomancer

Technomancer Build Outriders

The first is Technomancer. This class is suitable for support because it has the skills to heal teammates. Technomancers is not a class that takes on enemies head-on. Moreover, its ranged weapons give the class time to rest. On top of all that, it can utilize gadgets like turrets for added CC and firepower. Technomancer’s subclasses include:

  • Pestilence – Increases the damage of sniper rifles, assault rifles. Improves effects of toxicity and decay.
  • Tech Shaman – Improves support capabilities by boosting turrets and the effects of healing and freeze.
  • Demolisher – Adds to resistances and melee capabilities.

2. Pyromancer

Pyromancer Build Outriders

Pyromancer is a class that enables s players to fight in medium-range. This class has the capability to provide increased HP, skill power, and healing. That makes Pyromancer the most balanced class after all. Pyromancer’s subclasses are:

  • Ash Breaker – Increases damage against marked enemies and enhances the Anomaly Power.
  • Tempest – Essentially turns the Pyromancer into a tank by increasing HP, resistances, and tankiness against incoming damage.
  • Fire Storm – Boosts the stats of the skills, Anomaly Power, and the Burning effects.
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3. Trickster

Trickster Build Outriders

The name of this class makes it to be the most picked by players. You can fight in the close-range by using Trickster. The class provides the increased damage mitigation with shields, more HP, and faster regeneration. If you choose Trickster, you will get the great mobility character. Trickster’s subclasses include:

  • Assassin – It provides increased skill damage, more Anomaly Power, and skill leech.
  • Harbinger – Boost shield bonuses, damage mitigation, and provides general tankiness.
  • Reaver – Adds movement speed and CQC prowess.

4. Devastator

Devastator Build Outriders

Devastator is the tank-type class. You can use this class to fight against many enemies at one time. The class has crowd control skills that are useful in the frontline. It can gain additional HP, armor, and improved HP regeneration for each enemy killed. Devastator’s subclasses are:

  • Vanquisher – Increases damage of ARs, Shotguns and provides additional attributes.
  • Warden – Becomes a true tank, thanks to increased HP, armor, and resistances.
  • Seismic Shifter – improves medium-range capabilities, DoT effects, and Anomaly Power.
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Which Outriders Class Will You Have To Choose?

Now, we will give you the recommendations on which class you should choose. For solo players, it depends on how you play the game. If you are the direct attacking type, we recommend you to choose Devastator or Trickster. The Pyromancer and Technomancer are indeed for those who have the type of strategy game and those who are looking for the opportunity to hit the enemy. Devastator benefits more because it has good HP and armor.

As for those of you who play a team, you need to discuss it with your friends first. You have to determine each other’s roles and coordinate well to make the game run smoothly. With combo classes, you’ll do a lot more damage, and that’ll be fun.

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Well, that’s the explanation of the Outriders Class and some advice for you. You can check the spec requirement to playing Outriders before. If you need more guidance, feel free to revisit Wowkia.

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