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How to Get Raspberries in Valheim

Food is essential in the survival game. In Valheim, you can find so many foods that can be eaten raw or consumed after the cooking process. One of the fruits that you can get is Raspberries. So, we will discuss how to get Raspberries in Valheim

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What is Valheim Raspberries?

This is one kind of fruit in Valheim. You can eat raw raspberries or cook them in a combination of other ingredients. Apart from that, you can make several structures by using this fruit.


  • Mead base: Medium healing
  • Mead base: Minor healing
  • Queens jam
  • White and red striped banner
  • Mead base: Minor stamina
  • Mead base: Tasty

How to Get Raspberries in Valheim

How To Get Raspberries In Valheim 3
Raspberries | Valheim

For those of you who have just played Valheim, Raspberries are the easiest food to find. You can find them in bushes on land. Raspberries will grow naturally in the Valheim universe. To be more precise, you can find them in the Meadows biome.

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Savannas are the easiest place to find them. You don’t need to be afraid of being attacked by monsters like Greylings or Greydwarf. Some of the fruit grow up in groups, so you will surely get much of it. Then, you can also find Valheim Raspberries in an empty village in which there is a place that looks like a garden where you can find the berries.

How To Get Raspberries In Valheim 2
whereHarvesting Raspberry | Wowkia

Later, when you discover the Raspberry bushes, press the [E] key to harvest them. The item is placed on your inventory automatically. You can eat it to increase 20 points max health and max stamina. The effect will last for 600s.

For your information, Raspberries will respawn every 300 minutes. Therefore, do not destroy or cut the shrubs of the raspberries after taking the first round. Raspberries also cannot grow if you make buildings around them. Well you see, since there is no feature to replant raspberry by Cultivator, If you destroy it accidentally that will not grow back.

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Well, that’s how to get Raspberries in Valheim. If you want more Valheim Guides, you can request them in the comment section. Stay tuned in Wowkia and share the guide with your friend.

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