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How to Get Neck Tail in Valheim

To survive in this game, you are required to be able to hunt safely. There are several wild animals in Valheim that you can target. The food item that is easy to find is Neck Tail, so now I will present you the explanation on how to get neck Tail in Valheim.

What is Valheim Neck Tail?

It is an item usually found and hunted in Valheim. neck tail is Inedible when raw but proves as a tasty snack if cooked. Neck tail can also be the potion ingredient.

You can cook the neck tail in the Cooking Station, or use it as an ingredient to make Mead base: Poison resistance.

How to Get Neck Tail in Valheim

How To Get Neck Tail In Valheim 2
Neck | Wowkia

Neck tail is an item released by a creature named Neck. This animal has a shape like a lizard but with a large head. It is an amphibian and easy enough to hunt.

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You can find neck in the Meadows biome. As it can live in two realms, this creature usually likes watery plains. You can look for it near rivers or lakes. Moreover, it can swim and sometimes it can also stands on two legs.

You can hunt them using melee or long-range weapons. Using a bow and sneaking a sneak will make the hunt go smoothly. furthermore, this animal has instincts that are not very sensitive, but you will provoke the Aggro when you get too close.

How To Get Neck Tail In Valheim 3
Neck tail | Wowkia

To beat him, you have to do at least 2 hits with a wooden weapon. Using metal-based weapons will shorten the time it takes to collect Valheim Neck Tail.

After killing it, this creature has a 70% chance of dropping its neck tail. The bigger the level you meet, the greater the chance to get more items.

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So, that’s how to get Neck Tail in Valheim. If you want to find out more about Valheim Guides, we will share them daily. Make sure you keep an eye on Wowkia and share it with your friends.

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