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Valheim Troll Guides: How to Defeat and The Drops

An exciting and thrilling game, Valheim presents several creatures that you cannot defeat the normal way. One of the creatures that you possibly have to fight in Valheim is a Troll. Although iit is not included as a Boss, many people are looking for ways to defeat the Trolls. Therefore, Wowkia will share a Valheim Troll guide that will help you.

What is Valheim Troll?

It is the big monster that you can find in this game. A bit different from other enemies, you must be careful while fighting them. Troll lives in the Black Forest biome. They are allies with Dwarf.

How to Defeat Troll in Valheim

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Valheim Troll Guides | Wowkia

If you want to defeat Troll, the first thing you have to prepare is a weapon and armor. The troll has slow movement, so the best weapon to use is Bow. Whatever arrow you use, it doesn’t matter as long as you can hit it. Also, you need to equip a set of armor that reduces the damage you take.

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You have to learn some Troll attack patterns so it’s easy to defend and offend in this Valheim Troll guide. Here’s the explanation:

  • The basic attack of troll is punch/log swing. He will give the direct attack to you.
  • Throwing a stone is the ranged attack. He usually uses the pattern when you are far enough. You can see the pattern of this attack when he starts to lift one of his arms back, and a rock flies towards you.
  • Ground Slam/Log overhead is Troll deadly attack. One hit, and you will die. Rolling or running away is the best way to avoid it.

Personal Tips

A large area will make it easier for you to move and avoid the attack. But you can also take cover behind trees while attacking whenever possible. Usually, trolls will spawn near the Burial Chambers. You can attack the troll while he runs around the entrance. When the troll is about to attack, move backward to enter the dungeon.

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I think it will be easier for you to beat the troll when you see the attacks. Plus, slow motion is one of the trolls’ weaknesses. It’s okay if you die, that’s normal in this game.

Valheim Troll Guide: Drops

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Troll drops | Wowkia

After defeating the Troll, you will get some item drops. You will get 5 troll hides, 1 troll trophy, and some coins. To loot the items, you can press the [E] key or walk through them.

You can use the hide to make Troll set armor which increase your sneaking level. Meanwhile, the coin can be used to buy several items with the trader.

Well, that’s Valheim Troll Guide: How to defeat and what its drops. You can comment below and give suggestions for us. Follow Wowkia for more Valheim Guides.

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