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Need For Speed Twitter Shoots Down NFS: Underground Rumor

The official Need for Speed Twitter account hinted at potential Need for Speed: Underground content with a twenty-second audio clip. The clip was a portion of Lil Jon’s hit track, Get Low, which was predominantly featured in Underground.

Originally releasing in 2003 by EA Black Box, NFS: Underground became a critically acclaimed racing title that popularized the Need for Speed franchise and launched it into continuous street racing titles for the next console generation. With games like the beloved sequel, Underground 2 and the touted Most Wanted, EA, Black Box, and the entire franchise as a whole overtook many other racing games in popularity.

The official Need for Speed Twitter posted a cryptic teaser causing many fans to speculate on what it could exactly mean. The short, twenty-second audio clip featuring Get Low was immediately recognized as referencing 2003’s Need for Speed: Underground.

However, once a commenter asked whether it was a remake of the game, the official twitter quickly said no. Although a remake may not be in the cards, EA has been more vocal about its support of remasters and remakes, with some hints suggesting that their beloved Mass Effect series is getting a much-needed facelift for the new generation.

While there is no confirmation, it wouldn’t be unexpected for EA to announce something for Need for Speed at their EA Play on June 18th. This is further substantiated by EA’s official tweet referring to “Legends, Pilots, MVPs, GDI, and Racers…” to all be included in their EA Play conference.

While Need for Speed‘s official twitter dismissed the idea of a remake or cross-over, they didn’t dismiss a remaster which could mean that the 2003 title gets a resolution boost. EA has been pushing their games out of their store, too, adding Need for Speed: Most Wanted among others onto Steam.

While this doesn’t prove much, it does show that they are trying to put the original, beloved Need for Speed titles out there for everyone to play. But yeah, what do you all think about this rumor guys?

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