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How to Save Barry in Cyberpunk 2077 Mission: Happy Together

Many players always fail to save Barry in Cyberpunk 2077 and feel nervous when playing. To comfort all of your concern, Wowkia will give you a guide on how to save Barry in the Happy Together mission.

To save Barry in this game, you must go to his apartment and knock on the door. Usually, the player character, namely V, will not have the door opened. So, in order to get V talking to Barry, you have to open the main menu and pass three hours. If so, try again by knocking on Barry’s door, and later V will be let in.

When you enter Barry’s apartment, later V will talk to him, and your players must choose the blue dialogue option that asks about Andrew and his old friend.

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As the conversation continued, Barry would later tell V about the niche he had prepared for Andrew. The niche they tell of is located in the North Oak Columbarium, where V discovers Andrew’s truth. The players will need to communicate this truth when they report back to Mendez and Petrova (the police or NCPD).

After V talks to Mendez and Petrova about Barry, you will be directed to Barry’s apartment. Here, Mendez will later knock on Barry’s door, but it won’t open. And this is where Mendez will open up to Barry, and finally, the door will open, and Barry will be happy and welcome his former colleague (Mendez) inside.

There is a Bug About How to Save Barry in Cyberpunk 2077

Maybe, some of you will fail to follow how to save Barry in Cyberpunk 2077. This itself is due to a Cyberpunk 2077 bug. The bug itself is not being notified to perform an optional search in the first place, and a second bug V is not being notified to visit Andrew’s niche.

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