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How to Beat Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Rise

In the Monster Hunter Rise game made by Capcom, there is a monster named Nargacuga. This monster was quite famous because he was able to take down beasts that were smaller than him with just one strike.

What’s more, Nargacuga also has the ability to blend well in dark environments. Because of his style of living in a dark environment, many players feel annoyed with him.

Apart from that, Nargacuga can also usually be found in Temple Ruins or Flood Forest Habitats. Because the place where Nargacuga lives is quite dangerous, many players feel anxious about going there.

However, to get various useful items and equipment, players need to hunt monsters, one of which is this Nargacuga. So, do you want to hunt down Nargacuga, but are having a hard time? If so, here’s how to beat it.

Nargacuga In Monster Hunter Rise
Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Rise | Gameinformer

Defeating Nargacuga in Monster Hunter Rise

To defeat Nargacuga, you first need to know his weaknesses, Lightning, and Fire. Apart from the elements, the weak points on the body of the Nargacuga are also present, such as the Head, Tail, and Front Stiffness. What’s more, if the player can cut the Nargacuga’s tail properly, it will make him very weak. To be able to cut easily, usually Insect Glaive or other sharp weapons will be very good.

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In addition, to defeat Nargacuga you can also use Flash and Sonic Bomb items. Because this item will be very helpful considering Nargacuga is a monster who relies on his senses in the dark.

Apart from yourself, you also need to see from the Nargacuga side, such as the attack patterns it has and the like. For example, Nargacuga will usually prepare for a lunge attack, when his body is low to the ground. Not only this, but Nargacuga also has a tail that can shoot spikes from the tip when lifted into the air. However, the good news is it is easy to avoid.

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