#BoycottGenshin Impact Trending on Twitter, Here The Explanation

Boycottgenshin Impact Trending On Twitter

Despite being the best game at the moment, Genshin Impact is still problematic. Not in terms of the gameplay; the problem comes from the other side. Recently, hashtag boycottgenshin became the most talked-about on Twitter. What really happened?

This hashtag was retweeted for over 100k and made in the top 3. So, we want to explain it to you and where it comes from.

BoycottGenshin Hashtag on Twitter

The hashtag firstly comes from a Twitter account called @kaexiaobf. In his post, he attached two photos containing a list of emails and photos that made users protest against Genshin Impact.

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“This is an email template that you can copy and paste to solve problems and an original email! Templates can be copied and pasted as a reply. If anything needs to be added or is wrong, please let me know!”.

Users have told us that many GI players are having problems in the game. The main points are racism, pedophilia, safety concerns, and content procrastination.

Genshin Impact Racism and Pedophilia

On closer inspection, Hilichurl (Monster GI) seems to have been inspired by certain indigenous peoples. Some users said the monster’s appearance was similar to that of a Native American race.

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Also, the new GI Comic chapter features black people from Semeru. However, what makes it controversial is that the character appears with a malicious and dangerous side. Of course, that makes some people in real life angry.

Meanwhile, the second point references is pedophilia. If you have to explore the Teyvat, you must met an adult man who looks like falling in love with Flora, the kid who is selling flowers in Mondstadt. Users think the story is a part of promoting pedophilia. Furthermore, they have suggested story replacements to developers in the future.

Security Issue and Delayed Contents

Points 3 and 4 occur in all games. The security issue refers to multiple accounts being hacked, and the user asking miHoYo to create two-factor authentication.

Whereas delayed content occurs because too many leaks share the main content. So, the developer has to change the content for players to get good experiences.

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Well, that is the explanation about #BoycottGenshin trending on Twitter. So, what do you think about this? Don’t forget to comment below.

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