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Refusing to Drink, A Chinese Man is Attacked with Knife

Another unique accident happened for a Chinese man. The man, Zhao Dong (41), received a knife attack from his own roommate, Li Yubao (31). The attack simply occurs because Zhao refused Li’s offer to drink.

The two men are living with several others in one apartment in Singapore. Li works as a machine operator, while Zhao is a driver. They have been sharing the apartment for about a month.

The attack occurred when the two men were having dinner around 10 p.m., January 29. Li then took out a bottle of white wine and offered Zhao to drink with him.  Zhao refused the offer because he thought that he had consumed enough liquor. Li didn’t accept the excuse and kept insist Zhao to drink, where it ended into a scuffle.

Based on AsiaOne report, Li then grabbed a knife from the kitchen. He then aimed to attack Zhao’s face. However, Zhao shielded himself with his left arm and was slashed. Zhao was immediately brought by another housemate to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital while Li stayed behind the apartment.

According to the medical report, the cut was so deep that it left tendons underneath his arms exposed and a section of Zhao’s muscles was 50% torn. He had to undergo surgery and was given 12 days’ hospitalization leave.

At first, Zhao didn’t intend to report his roommate because he didn’t want to ruin Li’s career in Singapore. Zhao then changed his mind because Li didn’t want to cover his medical fees, As a result, Li was sentenced to a 10-month jail.

In Singapore, attacking someone with a dangerous weapon can result in jail time up to seven years, fined, caned, or any given combination of those punishments.