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Toy Story 4 Is Boycotted By Conservative Group For ‘Lesbian’ Scene

A conservative Christian evangelical group is conducting a campaign and petition to show that they feel “blindsided” by the lesbian couple appearing in Disney’s newly released movie, Toy Story 4.

The group is named One Million Moms (1MM), a division of the American Family Association. It is known for its constant objection to any ideas that don’t suit the ‘normal’ binary genders and heterosexual orientations.

In their latest boycott, the group is protesting against a scene in Toy Story 4. They find it as an obvious attempt by the men behind the movie to spread the LGBTQ+ agenda.

The anti-LGBT+ evangelical group One Million Moms is boycotting Disney, saying “families are blindsided” by a “lesbian” scene in Toy Story 4.

“WARNING!,” the first word written on the beginning of 1MM’s post.

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“At the start of the movie, when Woody’s new owner Bonnie goes for her first day of kindergarten, in the background there is a quick scene where one child is dropped off by two moms. Later, the moms return to pick up their child who gives them a hug. The scene is subtle in order to desensitize children. But it is obvious that the child has two mothers, and they are parenting together,” 1MM elaborated the scene.

“1MM agrees it was a noticeably small scene,” the statement continues. “Some in the gay blogging community have agreed that the moment was not groundbreaking by any standard.” But that is why the conservative organization finds the scene to be “so dangerous.”

The scene is just another example of how the One Million Moms feel “blindsided by this subtle but obvious promotion of the LGBTQ lifestyle.” But not only that, the group also noticed “a brief comment made about not hiding in a closet also in the movie. Some children may not catch this reference, but it was extremely unnecessary as with the lesbian couple.”

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People on Twitter is praising Toy Story 4 for including the scene.


1MM has started a petition against the ‘dangerous’ scene.

As they find it as ‘dangerous’, One Million Moms has started a petition to Disney’s ‘LGBTQ propaganda’. It reads “I do not appreciate Disney including LGBTQ content in the children’s movie Toy Story 4. There has been a deliberate lack of mentioning this content. Therefore, families are blindsided intentionally by your company. Actions such as this make me continue to distrust Disney.”

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By Wednesday afternoon the online petition had gathered 12,000 signatures.

”I guess the other 988,000 moms were cool with it?,” Twitter user @DroneTactician asked.

For my friend’s other perspective of the ‘lesbian’ Toy Story 4 scene, click here.

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