How Many Post-Credits Scenes for Thor: Love and Thunder?

With Thor: Love and Thunder just around the corner, fans are once again starting to think about what might lie ahead once it’s over. The post-credits sequence is literally built into the DNA of the Marvel Studios project.

Now, ahead of the premiere of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor: Love and Thunder next month, fans are speculating about how the film will tease the future of the MCU. While viewers will have to wait a bit longer for such information, at the very least, new information has emerged about what to expect in the latest batch of post-credits scenes.

Does Thor 4 Have a Post-Credit Scene?

With Thor: Love and Thunder just had its first press release, social media backlash is starting to hit the web. But, many people may not wonder about the film itself, but rather, how much of a tease there is at the end.

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As for what they need, that information won’t be available until it hits theaters on July 8 in a few weeks’ time.

What Can Wait After Love and Thunder?

Based on, here are some pointers from them. Steven Weintraub of Collider also made sure to specifically state how he “also really enjoyed the after-credits scene in Thor: Love and Thunder.”

While Clayton Davis of Variety noted that Love and Thunder was “much more episodic than [he] thought,” he went on to tease that “the post-credits are EPIC:”

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According to those who have seen the film, audiences can expect two post-credit tags by the time the credits finish rolling. Jordie Poblete of Disney Examiner confirmed that there is one mid-credits and one post-credits scene.

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