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Doctor Doom Is In Hope To Have Its Own Movie

Do you remember Doctor Doom? Yes, he is the main villain in the Fantastic Four. And if you do remember, Noah Hawley, has ever announced that he was working on a Doctor Doom movie. Good news after two years of waiting, Hawley informs us that he has finished writing its script, and ready to talk to Marvel Studios.

Yes, after Disney took over Fox, Doctor Doom film project was left up in the air. With Disney then canceled some other Fox Marvel projects, many thought that it might also apply to this villain movie. However, we can be relieved as Hawley constantly has discussions with Kevin Feige to bring this movie on the screen. And of course with his latest statement with Deadline that says it is in the final decision:

But you know, I need to circle back to them and announce that I would love to make it (Doctor Doom) and figure out if that’s something that is possible. Whether or not they already have a plan in place for what to do with those characters or whether they’re open to my kind of vision for what to do with those characters. But it’s sort of on me right now to go push them, which I will do as soon as I come up for air.”

There are many supports for this project to be realized, not only from Marvel fans. Russo Brothers, the Avengers: Endgame directors, also show their interest to see the character in the MCU. It is hoped that the president will approve the idea, just like what he did to Fantastic Four. If Doctor Doom really makes it out, it will be Marvel’s first villain movie.

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Now, what do you think Doctor Doom movie will be look alike? Drop your thoughts below.

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