This may seem and sound bizarre for Attack on Titan lover, but the fact is that Attack on Titan creator doesn’t want Eren Jaeger to be a popular character in the anime series or manga series.

Hajime Isayama as the creator of Attack on Titan did justify this matter because he really wanted to make Eren a slave or a blank canvas that carries the burden of humanity in this series.

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As Isayama said, “Because Eren is someone who exists due to the story itself, to make him “alive” is actually quite difficult. In other words, he is a slave to the story. I personally feel like I didn’t create him with much liveliness, so I definitely felt that his reader popularity reflected otherwise”.

Even so, accidentally, Isayama doesn’t really know why Eren is such a popular character. In fact, at first, Isayama only wanted to make the character Eren as an addition. However, since season 4 or the final season of this anime, Eren has suddenly become popular because he has become a badass.

Because of this, fans are confused about whether this way of life is suitable for Eren. However, considering that Eren had received many dark stories during his life, of course, this was predicted to happen.

Eren Dark Stories, Mom's Death
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Attack on Titan Creator Doesn’t Want Eren Anymore?

Even though Isayama himself was indeed surprised by the popularity of Eren during the series, yet sadly, he also said that he didn’t want Eren to become a popular character. Because of this, there are likely to be huge things happening for Eren in the future.

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