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Goosebumps Dead of Night Brings The Books To Life On Gaming Consoles

Initially started by author R.L. Stine in 1992, Goosebumps introduced an entire generation of children to the macabre joys with a child-friendly mix of horror and black comedy. The book series became a huge hit and inspired a cult classic 1990s television adaptation and a pair of bombastic theatrical movies starring Jack Black.

Goosebumps has seen its share of video game tie-ins over the years, including 2015’s Goosebumps Night of Scares, a mobile VR title set in the same continuity as the film series. Ostensibly a sequel to the first Jack Black movie, Night of Scares earned acclaim for its engaging first person gameplay, as well as its faithfulness to the spirit and sensibilities of its source material.

Goosebumps Dead of the Night

Five years later, Scholastic, Sony Pictures Consumer Products and developer Cosmic Forces are bringing an expanded port of the first person horror title to home consoles and PC with Goosebumps Dead of Night.

Based on the framework of the mobile original, Goosebumps Dead of Night includes new chapters, five new creatures, revamped HD visuals, and new additions to the game’s main locale, the iconic haunted Stine manor.

Further Gameplay Detail

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Goosebumps Dead Of Night |

Set in R.L. Stine’s haunted house, Goosebumps Dead of Night follows players as they attempt to save the author, who has been trapped in a typewriter by the series’ de facto mascot, Slappy the Dummy.

They must explore the captive writer’s estate and other haunted areas, solving puzzles and avoiding dangerous monsters in an effort to collect the missing pages of Stine’s stories stolen by Slappy in order to defeat the menacing wooden puppet. The trailer for the game shows off a mix of stealth sequences and combat, with players able to fight off giant killer gummy bears with an electric raygun.

Goosebumps Dead of Night looks like a family-friendly take on the first-person survival horror genre epitomized by titles like Outlast and Transference. With its focus on first person exploration, white-knuckle stealth sequences, and classic puzzle solving, the game may be able to appeal to mainstream video game audiences in addition to the core Goosebumps fandom.

So yeah guys? Do you all feel interested to play this game when it finally comes out?

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