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How to Make a Brick in Minecraft

How To Make Brick In Minecraft

Previously, we have learned how to make the smooth stones in the game. Then, you can also make other basic items like Brick. So, you have to know how to make Brick in Minecraft, the ingredient needed and the mediator.

Literally, the Brick made by cooking the stone in this game.

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Require Materials

If you want to make brick in the game, you need to collect the following items:

  • Clay

Yup, to make brick you just need the basic item like clay. Then you can use Furnance as a mediator to make this item.

How to Craft Brick in Minecraft

Time needed: 3 minutes.

If you had the required materials, you should follow the instruction step-by-step. This is how to make a Brick in Minecraft.

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  1. Open the Furnace

    First, you need to open the furnace or blast furnace menu.
    Furnace Minecraft

  2. Add Fuel

    Fuel like paper or coal the same as blaze powder when you use a brewing stand. Put the coal in the bottom box to activate the furnace.
    Furnace Coal Minecraft

  3. Add Ingredient

    Then, you can place the required material, the clay at the top box. The process will start, you can see the flame between fuel and clay.
    How To Make Brick 2

  4. Finish

    When the process end, a Brick will appear in the right box of the Furnace menu. You can save it in your inventory now.
    Brick Finish

So, that’s how to make a Brick in Minecraft. The item can be used to make Flower Pot and Brick Block. Also, if you want other Minecraft guides you can comment below. Stay tuned on our website for game news.

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