How to Make a Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft

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How To Make Potion Of Fire Resistance Minecraft
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In Minecraft, you can craft any kind of potion that gives you some buff. One of the most looking is a Potion of Fire Resistance. If you drank this potion, it will make your character the fireproof effect for 3 minutes. So, let’s see the required materials and how to make a Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft.

Require Materials

If you want to make this item you should have the following materials:

How to Craft a Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft

If you had the required material, you can check the steps to make this potion below! This is how to make a potion of fire resistance in Minecraft.

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Total Time:

Open the Brewing Stand Menu

The same as making other potions, you need to open the brewing stand menu firstly.
Brewing Stand Minecraft

Add Blaze

Then, you need to add blaze powder in the left box to activate the brewing stand. You can look at the image below. How To Make A Potion Of Weakness In Minecraft 2

Add Water Bottle

Next, you can put the water bottle in the three boxes bottom of the brewing stand.
Fire Resistance Water Bottle

Add the Nether Wart

Then, the first ingredient you have put is a nether wart. The water bottle will turn into an awkward potion. The item does not have an effect and you need to add the next ingredients.
How To Make Potion Fire Resistance 2

Add the Magma Cream

Next, you have to add the next ingredients, the Magma Cream in the top box of the brewing stand.
How To Make Potion Fire Resistance 3

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After the process finished, you will hear “glup glup glup” sound and all ingredients will disappear. Then, the item will be finished making and enter the inventory.
Potion Of Fire Resintance Finish Min

So, that’s how to make a Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft. Wowkia also has other guides for this game. Don’t forget to comment and visit us again later.

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