How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

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Tame A Cat 2
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You can find many animal mobs in Minecraft. There are can be transportation, some are just like pets. The same as real-life, you can make cats as pets. So, Wowkia will give you a tutorial on how to tame a cat in Minecraft.

Let’s learn about it and the materials needed.

Require Materials

If you want to tame a cat, you should have the following items:

  • Cat
  • Raw Cod
  • Raw Salmon

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

If you want to tame a cat, you can do the instruction below. This is how to tame a Cat in Minecraft.

Total Time: 3 minutes

Find a Cat

First, you need to find a stray cat in the Minecraft world. If finding the stray cat is so hard, you can summon a cat or use a spawn egg.
Find Cat

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Use the Item

If you found a cat, then you can put the raw fish such as Raw Cod or Raw Salmon in your Hotbar. Select one of them to give it to the cat.
How To Tame A Cat Minecraft

Tame a Cat

Now, you need to use the raw cod to tame a cat. If you play on consoles like PS/Xbox/Nintendo, you’ve to press L2/LT/ZL. The PC players can right-click to give the row cod to the cat. You will likely need to feed more than one raw fish to the cat to tame it.
Tame A Cat

That’s how to tame a Cat in Minecraft. In the game, you can also tame other animals mobs like Horse or Pig. If you need other guides, please comment below and share the page.

Source: Youtube