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How to Make Nether Quartz in Minecraft

If you want to make various tools in Minecraft, such as the Observer, then you need to make Nether Quartz in Minecraft as well. You see, this is an item that is very often used in the game.

What’s more, to make the house look more elegant, you can also use this Nether Quartz. You see, with this item, you can make Blocks of Quartz, Granite, and the like. So, you could say this is a versatile item.

However, unfortunately, to make Nether Quartz yourself is a little difficult because you have to take a fairly long way. In essence, to make Nether Quartz, you need Nether Quartz Ore, which can only be obtained in Nether.

Nether Portal
Nether Portal | Amino Apps

If you already understand what Wowkia discussed in this article, here’s how to make Nether Quartz. Keep in mind. You should read the explanation below carefully so that later you succeed in doing it.

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Making Nether Quartz in Minecraft

As I said before, to make Nether Quartz, you need Nether Quartz Ore first. To get this block, you have to go to the Nether by arranging the Obsidian Stones as shown in the photo above and fire it with Flint.

After arriving at the Nether, you need to look for Nether Quartz Ore around because you could say this block is quite easy to find. If you have got it, return to the Nether portal that you created earlier in case of enemy attacks.

Make Nether Quartz In Minecraft
Here’s Recipe and How to Make Nether Quartz in Minecraft | Wowkia

If you already do so, it’s time for us to make Nether Quartz in Minecraft. For starters, go to the Furnace, then put Nether Quartz Ore in it and add fuel. In a few seconds, later you will get some Nether Quartz, and you have finished making it.

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