Big Fan Wish About Scorpion Becoming Spider-Man Villain Soon

The MCU Spider-Man trilogy that began with 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming has proven to be a resounding success. It brought together the incredible talent for portraying characters from across the Spider-Man character lineup, all leading up to one of the greatest solo superhero films in history with Spider-Man: No Way Home.

While most of the film’s cast has been well received, there has been some frustration about the treatment of some of the famous characters. Not a few of them are Mac Gargan aka Scorpion, played by Michael Mando in Homecoming.

Big Fans Hope Scorpions Become Spider-Man Villains Soon

In a 2020 interview, the Scorpion actor discussed his interest in a potential solo film for his future villains Venom and Morbius. He seems quite interested in the various directions the character could take, and will neither confirm nor deny his presence in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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While Mando did not end up returning in a third Spider-Man film, he recently indicated that he has not lost interest in the character’s possible return.

Scorpion actor Michael Mando recently retweeted a tweet from a fan regarding the character’s absence since 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Mando retweeted comments about Marvel Studios’ failure to use the character in the years since Homecoming, demonstrating his continued interest in the subject.

Marvel Studios is currently involved in a bewildering series of projects and they are showing no signs of slowing down. With hit groups like the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Inhumans on the horizon, it may be some time before they return to a street-level Spider-Man project.

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The next upcoming project in the Spider-Man universe is Sony’s animated sequel, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Part 1, which is slated to debut June 2, 2023.

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