Confirmed, Spider-Man New Year Will Bring 10 Villains on Show

Amongst all the Avengers announcements at San-Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios also gave an update on the latest adventure for their signature wall-crawler. No, they did not announce Spider-Man 4, but the studio did take the time to share a first glimpse at the upcoming Spider-Man: Freshman Year.

The animated Spidey series will follow Peter Parker as he comes to grips with his newly acquired powers in what looks to be an alternate universe from the mainline MCU. This series is part of Marvel Studios’ blossoming animation division, which features new shows like What If…? and even revivals of classics like X-Men ’97.

Meet the Cast of Spider-Man: Freshman Year

As a part of the Marvel Studios Animation Panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios pulled the curtain back on Spider-Man: Freshman Year.

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Ms. Marvel Cast And Characters Confirmed Will Appear

This first look included a glimpse at the villains that will appear in the project including, Unicorn, Scorpion, Tarantula, Butane, Otto Octavius, Carmela Black, the Rhino, Speed Demon, and Chameleon.

Unicorn is a relatively obscure Marvel Comics character, who seems to have been genderbent for Freshman Year and can fire energy from the top of their head in the comics. Scorpion is a classic Spidey villain that has been teased in the MCU, but dons his full armor and robotic tail for his animated incarnation.

Tarantula appears to be based on the Maria Vasquez version of the character as indicated by the long blades mounted to her fists, but Freshman Year’s take lacks the comics’ vibrant spandex costume.

Sure, this is not technically the MCU fans know and love but is one that is seemingly just as vast with just as many colorful personalities. Spider-Man: Freshman Year is set to debut on Disney+ sometime in 2024.

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