Elizabeth Olsen Confirmed To Appear In MCU Disney Plus Series Upcoming

The introduction of multiple Disney+ show series has allowed the big brains at Marvel Studios to tell new and creative stories. After six live-action series that are directly related to the overall narrative, the streaming side of the MCU has expanded the universe.

Veteran characters like Wanda, Vision, Sam, Bucky, Loki, and Clint Barton all get significantly more screen time than previous big screen shows. Meanwhile, new characters such as Monica Rambeau, John Walker, Sylvie, Kate Bishop, Moon Knight, and Khamala Khan were all introduced in the Disney+ app.

Where is Wanda’s Return?

At the Marvel Studios Animation panel of San Diego Comic-Con, Episode 1 of the newly announced Season 2 premiere of What If..? showed. This episode once again stars the breakout star of Season 1, Captain Carter. The premiere’s title was “What If Captain Carter Fights the Hydra Stomper?”.

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In the opening credits of this episode, Elizabeth Olsen is credited as returning as the Red Witch. The episode ends with the tag revealing the villain formerly known as Wanda. This will be Olsen’s first return to the MCU since his character was assumed to be dead at the end of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness.

This is also exciting news as this will be Elizabeth Olsen’s animated debut in the MCU. Even though Zombie Scarlet Witch is the main player in What If… Zombies!? season 1 episode, Olsen doesn’t need to lend his voice to the characters. So, fans will get to see Wanda Maximoff walking and talking in season 2 of What If..?

Hearing Elizabeth Olsen return to character for the otherworldly variant of Scarlett Witch is exciting news for many MCU fans. For Peggy Carter fans, however, panic mode is instant.

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And although he transfers his prowess from animation to live-action, sadly, he meets a buzz saw opponent in Scarlet Witch who walks in a dream. What if..? Season 2 will premiere in early 2023.

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