Is Chris Evans Fit To Be Wolverine?

Other things have just been revealed about rumors of who is the right person to play the X-Men character and also about the Fantastic Four. Well, Chris Evans is also one of the many characters in the oldest version of the Fantastic Four.

As we know earlier, Chirs Evans is identical with the role in the oldest Marvel film after Captain America in the MCU, then also as the Human Torch aka Johnny Storm in the oldest live-action Fantastic Four.

Chris Evans Fit the Role of Wolverine?

Of the two, Johnny Storm and Steve Rogers, the latter are identical and memorable figures for fans and audiences of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And among all the comparisons chosen for Wolverine also brought it up too.

In an interview with ComicBook, a question like this has just been revealed to fans, the question was just given to the Avenger Endgame director duo, Joe and Anthony Russo.

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So according to Joe, he feels Chris Evans is also suitable to play a Marvel superhero or rather Marvel’s top mutant, Wolverine. And Joe’s statement is also supported by Anthony.

The reason why Joe thought so was for a very technical reason. So according to him, Evans is one actor who has very good acting.

In addition, according to him, Evans also has an okay physical appearance and is also very good at controlling his body (body control). Also with his charismatic nature and always giving very pleasant energy in every shot, it’s no wonder that Joe is eager to see Evans as Wolverine.

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