Marvel Producer Teases How Disney+’s Daredevil Will Differ From Netflix’s

One thing the MCU is coming up with and teasing right now is about MCU Daredevil Be Different to exist on the Netflix version. As we all know, one of the Marvel characters on loan by Netflix was revealed back in the MCU movies as an absolute part, when Marvel Studios and Disney got the character back.

But the question is, is this Daredevil the same character we saw in Spider-Man No Way Home? Maybe yes, or maybe vice versa. But if the answer is no, no problem. This has also happened before, as Professor X was played by the same actor in the previous version made by 21st Century Fox. Other than that, Marvel Studios seems to set it apart.

MCU Daredevil Will Be Different From Netflix?

While the status of the Marvel Netflix show canon is still unclear, the character we can call Matt Murdock and the great villain named Kingpin, recently appeared in the MCU project, appearing in the series Spider-Man: No Way Home and Hawkeye.

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However, the latest update on this character’s bio even seems to confirm that Matt is a different person and very different compared to the Netflix version in 2015. This is also very likely after Daredevil returns to a minor scene in the new series on Disney Plus.

But make sure, not just the series, but the new home for all Netflix Marvel shows. There are clues revealed from someone from Marvel inside. Speaking to Murphy’s Multiverse, Sana Amanat, Director of Content and Character Development at Marvel Comics and producer on the Ms. Upcoming Marvel, commented on the possible lighter tone of the recently announced Daredevil revival.

He was an editor on Mark Waid’s show Daredevil, responding to a question about the new series adopting the more breezy spirit of his work, noting that he “wouldn’t be surprised if they did something like that in the MCU.”

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Based on what he said, this means the MCU will either adapt to a difference method or simply start a new storyline without resorting to the same formula from Netflix. But we can see the real thing if MCU Daredevil is released later, what do you think?

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